Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Free Track - The Lonely Island ft. Lil Jon - When Will The Bass Drop - Zera Remix

If you follow the current trends in dance music, or don't, you most likely have still stumbled upon the Lonely Island parody song "When Will The Bass Drop", some might find the popular rise of "EDM" disheartening, as big media and labels hop on a train conducted by what seems to be deaf listeners, and yet most of us still take it with a grain of salt, and a dash of humor. 

For the producers and DJs who strive to polish their craft there is always room to laugh, and always time to take things a bit less seriously, I mean dancing and loosing yourself inside music is all about having fun and enjoying life in earnest, so this one is for us, a wonderfully, blatant, yet appropriate banger!!!

Supplying us with a full on Breakbeat club smasher is the one like Zera, turning "When Will The Bass Drop" from a standard four to the floor, hands in the air cliche, into a groovy tune that dancers can really get down too and enjoy...and trust me...this track is 100% made to be mixed and manipulated, just as it should be!!!

Like most artists, Zera utilizes Facebook to enable downloads for listeners, this time around you better be sure to hit that like button on the Zera Facebook Page, you don't want to miss out on this track!!!! 

Download Link - facebook.com/zeraofficial 

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