Friday, July 22, 2011

Free Tune - Jean Elan - Killer - Alex Mind Re-Fix

Who gets 770 downloads in 24 hours? Alex Mind does that's who. I saw this one come up for grabs yesterday but was already doing the Cut La Roc stuff so I figured I'd post it up today and bam, would you look at that, it will break 1,000 downloads by end of the day todayno problem, whoo doggie!

Alex Mind aka Pedro Alexander is one of the boys from Brazil doing things big in the Electro world. He consistently puts out wicked bangers that easily make their way through the charts but you're in luck today as Alex has been nice enough to give one of his latest works out for free.

Taking Jean Elan's "Killer" and transforming it from a heads down techy chugger into a massive Electro-House floor smasher, Alex proves why his name has quickly made the rise to the top. Super-sized kicks and trancey arps open things up and bring you into the first breakdown laced with heavy sub-bass that will rattle your fillings loose. The "killer" vox make a cameo as the intensity builds to maximum capacity just before the big bad bassline comes in setting sneakers a blaze and glow sticks in motion. Big edits and heavy filtering make for a super glitchy final break which is quick and down to the point keeping the energy up and feet moving. Grab "Killer" for yourself, have an awesome weekend and Kick It!!

   Jean Elan - Killer (Alex Mind Re-Fix) FREE DOWNLOAD by Alex Mind

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