Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kick It Events This Weekend and New Release - Kech and Charlie Kane - Satan Stole My Y Fronts EP

Have we got a wicked release to talk about today! Before we get down to the tunas I just wanted to take a minute to mention where you can catch some of our artists this weekend. First up Farace and Wavewhore will be bringing the business to Summer Love at Eclipse in Jacksonville Florida on Saturday the 30th. Peep the teaser video below to get an idea of what's in store for the evening and we've also got a quick practice session vid from Farace for you to check out.

Summer Love Event page -

Secondly, Sneaker & The Dryer will be playing at a massive festival this weekend called M.E.M.F. Summer Jam. 4 days of camping and beats with over 60 Djs and artists that will be rocking partiers straight through to Sunday. Check out the links below for more information on the event.

Summer Jam Event Page -

Forum Page -

Now a little bit on today's featured release on Bleach Feast Records. As the Case of the Missing Y Fronts reached its conclusion, there could only be one explanation, that naughty horned wreaker of sinister mayhem Satan had em away. Sporting his new pair of pilfered budgie smugglers and strumming his infernal banjo of evil, Lucifer proceeded to hack into the questionable circuitry of a small studio buried in the catacombs of Marrakech and transmit this tech funk, bass soaked, acid drenched beast of a barnstormer to the devilish duo Kech and their kidnap victim, a slightly lost Charlie Kane who was last seen outside the camel market offering up basslines for a plane ticket out. Mrs. Satan then arrived back home, administered a hearty spanking to Beelzebub and consigned the Y fronts to the annals of musical history. 

What we're left with is a heaving, rolling Tech Funk banger entitled "Satan Stole My Y Fronts" that is going to pound speakers the world over. Meaty kicks and acid stabs are only the beginning as the shuffling hats and breakbeat fills drop you off for a quick breakdown with a killer vocal sample and then it's time for heads down bassline business of the psy kind. The energy continues to build for a good two minutes until reaching epic proportions on another quick break and then we're moving again. Personally I can't wait to drop this one this weekend!

Next we have Kech serving us up a relentless slice of menacing madness with "The Hackney Shuffle", a straight-up humdinger to the solar plexus. Sprinkled with pianos and extremely ragamuffin bizness this one is packed with grimey low-ends complimented by just the right amount of wobbles that will grind away at your eardrums and and resonate through your body. "The Hackney Shuffle" has got a great Old School vibe with a Nu Skool twist that will leave you wanting more.

Switching gears we have Dub Disco lighting up the sweet summertime vibes with the sub heavy and sun seared "Control Me". Funked out and groovier than a chica straight out of the 70's this is a good one to close out a set with and just let it ride.

Next up is Nick Wilde who brings us "Kickflip" which is a Techno late nighter with echoes of Funkytown crossed with a visit to the particle accelerator. Acidized bass and a kick/clap 4/4 mix with spacial pads and tripped out FX for a pulsing ride into deep space you may not return from.

Closing things out we have newcomer Leo who brings the old Spiral Tribe tune "Criminal Drug" back to life with a simple but slamming Dj Tool Remix. Get ready to move your feet and and bounce your head as this one is infectious. Ive posted three of the tunes for you below, you can check out the others on the Bleach Feast Soundcloud page. Have a wicked weekend everybody!!

Support From

Groove Armada - "Like the Dub Disco track and the Leo Remix, will play these."

Leeroy Thornhill (The Prodigy) - "This track builds great."

The Crystal Method - "Gonna play this for sure, nice EP."

Aquasky - "Hackney Shuffle is the best tune for me with Spiral Tribe coming in second. Has that rough Old School vibe"

Far Too Loud - "Satan Stole My Y's has a nice groove, perfect for deeper sets."

   Kech & Charlie Kane- Satan Stole My Y Fronts by Bleach Feast

   Kech - The Hackney Shuffle by Bleach Feast

   Leo Remix - Spiral Tribe - Criminal Drug by Bleach Feast

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