Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Free Track - Disconnect Head - Partez Pas - Jad Barrett Remix

Today we have a intense Electro remix of Disconnect Head's "Partez Pas" from France's own Jad Barrett! Originally issued from a very musical environment at the age of 14, Jad Barrett was introduced to electronic music by the movement Kaotik System (LEBANON) in 2007. A year later, he began producing his own harmonic and melodic pieces from where you can perceive his musical bases.

This funky tune starts off with a big 4/4 beat with FX and white noise layered throughout the intro to get those feet moving quick! Within the time the second 8 bar comes around, synths and snare are already being used in full force to lead you into a short but sweet first breakdown!

What happens next is pure dance madness, driving bass and some very unique stabs make this track stand out in a crowd of tunes that somehow always sound the same. The song continues on with more and more energy being pushed threw it like an amplifier!

If you are searching for a great tune that has it's own feel and original flavor, your not going to want to miss out on Jad Barretts newest freebie! Be sure to check out his soundcloud for many other great tunes that will surely have you rocking out!!! 

     Disconnect Head-Partez pas ( Jad Barrett Remix ) FREE DOWNLOAD [ Wav. ] by JAd Barrett 

Jad Barrett on Facebook - facebook.com/JAD-BARRETT

Jad Barrett on Myspace - myspace.com/jadakabarrett 

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