Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Exclusive Free Tune - Calvin Harris - Feel So Close - Kwerk Re-Rub

Ah yes, another Hump Day is upon us and another free tuna is up for grabs. The one like Kwerk returns to the Kick It Blog with a wicked Exclusive banger  you can't get anywhere else. Completely re-Kwerking Calvin Harris' "Feel So Close", this one is more of a remix than a re-rub and should have been released with the original in my opinion!

Starting things off your kicked in the ass by all new drums with that signature Kwerk sound giving you a nice chunky breakbeat backed by filtering vox and arps to set the tone. The first breakdown takes you into a big hands in the air moment featuring the vocals and keys from the original and then it's time for the bass! Heavy on the low ends and packed with punch she's beefier than a double quarter pounder with cheese!  Big edits and wicked sampling from the original mixed with little female stabs keep the energy rising right into the main break where you're treated with another round of vocals and epic cheekiness to keep things kicking. This one is sure to rock any crowd it's faced with so cop it for yourself and check out the video for the original while you're at it.

Calvin Harris "Feel So Close" Kwerk Re-Rub - Exclusive - Get It Here!!

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