Thursday, September 1, 2011

Forthcoming Tune - Stylus Rex - Blatant Elephant - Official Video

I hope everybody's having a good week so far. Today we've got something a little different for you coming by way of Ground Level Records and Stylus Rex.

Stylus Rex made his mark with his first self-pressed vinyl "Boomstick" released in 2005 which was picked up by Hiedi Van Amstell to sell through Phonica and also by Ray Vinyl through Vinyl Addiction. Since that time the Stylus Rex sound has come a long way. Keeping his head down and his beats hard, Stylus has continued to release a plethora of material on labels like Punk Funk, Re:Connect, Control Breaks, Bronzerat, and BijouBeats, along with five singles currently on Ground Level Records. These have all worked to establish Stylus Rex as one of the heavy hitters in Breaks.

His latest work "Blatant Elephant" is due out on Ground Level Records on Sept. 19th and we've got the official video featuring wicked visuals by Purform, Rob Seward and Nicolas Deveaux. The track itself starts out with phat kicks, throbbing bass and echoed vox to set the tone. Wicked guitars provide the funk just before the blatant elephant sounds his trunk letting you know it's time to get up, way up. Super techy but packed with goodness, Stylus Rex takes you on a journey through the land of the pachyderm and it feels good!

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