Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Release - KIR258 - Karetus - Loudness War w/ Dilemn Remix

Holy crap what do you know, I have internet again!! Sorry for the lack of posts in the past week but it's kind of hard to get them done with no connection to the web! I'll try and make it up to you guys in the coming days with some good freebies. Today we are talking about Kick It's latest release which just dropped worldwide on Tuesday and man is it a monster, one of our biggest releases to date for sure!

Hailing from Portugal, newcomers to the game Karetus have quickly been establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with their unique and in your face cutting edge style. Making their first appearance on Kick It, the ones like Karetus have been smashing tunes with their aggressive and dynamic sound and this time they are hitting you with the “Loudness War”. Rough and rugged right from the get go “Loudness War” features crisp and clean drums paired with slick edits to start things off. Quickly making your way into the first breakdown you are immediately assaulted by intense sub bass frequencies that will resonate your soul as the massive and warping synths take hold of your mind.  A quick vocal sample and then it’s time for the face melting bassline and missile like  leads to do their dirty work as they pummel you about the ears knocking you senseless, you wanted a war, you got it!

On remix duties we have the French mastermind known as Dilemn bringing us an epic slice of techy business that has already been rocking dancefloors round the globe with it’s no nonsense heads down approach to “Loudness War”. Heavy kicks and shuffling hats take you into the first drop where you are greeted by wicked synths and a colossal build up to set things back in motion with authority. Electric and wobbling low ends provide plenty of bounce as you make your way into the wicked dubbed out breakdown before it all builds back up again with maximum intensity for another hands in the air moment leaving no one left standing still when the beat comes slamming back in like an earthquake, mission complete!

"Loudness War" has been Featured by both Beatport and Juno Download, here is what Juno has to say about this massive tuna.

"Although filed under breakbeat, the original version of "Loudness War" actually inhabits the no-man's-land between Breaks and Dubstep. It's loud, wobbly, intense and murky, utilizing the sort of colossal, over-the-top builds and spooky vocal samples that suggest nuclear Armageddon may be a matter of days away. If it was any more foreboding, John Simpson would be reporting live from the dancefloor whilst wearing a fetching flak jacket. Dilemn remix, opts for a grungy mix of grandiose War Of The Worlds builds, crunchy Electro House builds and bowel-evacuating bottom end."

Head on over to Beatport or wherever you get your digital music and pick up a copy for yourself and then see what else Karetus have been up to by following the links below.

Support From

Far Too Loud - "Nice stuff, love the stripped back drop on the Dilemn remix!"

Access Denied - "I love both the tracks! Full support!"

Farace - "LOVE this release! Karetus are on fire right now and the Dilemn remix is huge! Full Support!"

Marcus Gauntlett - "Really like the Dilemn remix for my sets, full support!"

Wavewhore - "Nice release... def feeling the original on this one... nasty bizness!"

Yreane - "Original is the one for me! Beats, bass and inner energy, love it! Dilemn never disappoints and turns in an absolute banger as well! Kick It are taking it to another level!!"

OLMEC - "Love what I'm hearing from both the original and the remix!"

Mobius - "All about the Dilemn remix on this one, will be playing for sure!" 

Dj Trux - "This is just awesome!!"

TJFX - "Massive release! Original is pure carnage!"

Kwerk - "Absolutely massive sound!"

Diistortiion - "Damn what a massive release!! Both versions are banging but if I had to choose one I'd lean more to the original but only just. The production on both tracks is off the hook. Massive, massive sound!!"

SK2 - "This is gonna be huge, both remixes are slamming! Heavy beats and dirty bass on the original mix, lush rolling bassline & crystal production on the Dilemn remix.. stunning!!"

   KIR258 Karetus Loudness War + Dilemn Remix (Preview Clips) by Kick It Recordings

Karetus "Loudness War" on Beatport -

Karetus "Loudness War" on Track It Down -

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