Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Release - Chemical Language - We Want Your Soul EP

Today we have a new release from Chemical Language on Big Alliance Records, out May, 14, 2012. The four track EP "We Want Your Soul" features some massive peak time tunes, jam packed with all the energy you would expect from a dance floor smasher of this magnitude!

Chemical Language is Nir Ben Shoushan from Miami Florida, originally from Israel where he studied music production at Yoav Gera Sound College. There is not much else that is know about Chemical Language other than he enjoys playing various instruments including the guitar and piano.

The first track "Panic" gives you a good feel for the EP as a whole, hitting you with big business right off the bat. The breakdown is fantastic with some hilarious vocal samples that act as the glue holding the track together to give you a fun tune to play out.

Following the madness of the first song "Tonight" starts off with a long Dubstep break and quickly turns into a funky Electro House banger. With some vocoder like vocals and some far out spacy sounds, this one is perfect for rocking in the club.

The title track of the EP "We Want Your Soul" is a Dubstep listeners dream, big synths, huge drums, and some ominous vocals to set it off!  This one is a must own, mostly due to the Steven Hawking like vocals that are more than enjoyable, proclaiming to you  that "we want your soul".

Closing things out is a very cheeky Dubstep tune about Tim Leary named "Dr Leary". This track has a giant feel to it and some very interesting samples that make it extremely unique.

All and all this is bound to be a chart topping release for Chemical Language and Big Alliance Records, grab your copy May 14th!

   BA117 - Chemical Language - We Want Your Soul EP by Big Alliance Records

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