Monday, April 30, 2012

New Release - KIR272 - Direct Input - Time To Fly EP

Brace yourselves for an amazing release today from Kick It Recordings! Keeping things Kicking as we like to do around here, it’s time for KIR272 coming at you from Direct Input with his “Time To Fly” EP featuring 5 massive tunes all with their own unique style.

First up is the EP’s Title track “Time To Fly” which features big keys, heavy kicks and leads to die for reminiscent of a certain Cutline tune. Pulsing low ends and wicked zaps keep things pumping throughout the track.

Next up is “Heads Down” which is just what the name implies, a straight up heads down banger that teases you through the first breakdown but hits like a tsunami when it comes back around, massive!

Third in line is “United” which takes things in a more funky and grooving direction with zappy low ends, awesome synth work and diced up vocal bits.

“One Last Push” brings us into more techy territories keeping the keys coming like a madman, Direct Input drops a bit of crunched up guitars into the breakdown on this one giving it an edgy vibe while keeping it speaker pounding, excellent!

Finishing things off is DI’s 4/4 re-take of “Time To Fly” which pushes the synths to the maximum for a an awesome housey funkster that will have feet moving in no time!

Support From 

Sneaker & The Dryer - "Dope...wicked tunes!" 

Play Moore - "Killer EP, should be a topper!" 

Farace - "Loving it!" 

DJ Wicca - "Excellent...loving it!" 

Toreba Spacedrift - "Amazing EP!!! Every tune is massive!"

   KIR272 - Direct Input "Time To Fly" EP (Previews) OUT 4/30/12 by Kick It Recordings 

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