Thursday, April 5, 2012

Free Track - Electrixx - Some Beats - Direct Input ReBang

Happy Thursday everyone! I'd like to introduce myself before we get to today's free tuna. My name is Toreba Spacedrift and I am the Promotions Manager for Kick It Recordings. If you keep up to date with Sneaker & The Dryer and The Shoe Skool Sessions then you may have seen some blog posts from me before. Due to the fact that Btz is being swarmed with more work daily, Kick It Recordings business and a busy show schedule, I will be taking over most of the blog work starting today. 

Getting on with business, we have a killer free tune from Direct Input in preparation for his immense forthcoming EP on Kick It Recordings. This is one piece that is more than sure to move dancefloors and shake bootys. Electrixx' "Some Beats" is an Electro House stomper that was released in late January on Bazooka Records. All the components of a great dance tune are present, from the big and nasty bass to the funky and cheeky breakdown, Electrixx means business!

If the tune was not big enough for you already, then we have you covered. The United States' own Direct Input has given us a sweet re-bang, and it is massive!!! More bass, more push and more movement to make this tune really come to life. Not much is known about the enigma that is Direct Input, but one thing is certain, this guy makes some huge tune's and should be followed closely.


Direct Input on Soundcloud -

Electrixx on Soundcloud -


  1. hey TS...caught up with this already on FB earlier it's already in the 'bag' ;) Reaaally great track...& so glad that my mate Mike (Audio:Hertz) connected me up with Kick It & I refound Sneaker again too...been strugglin along not bein that succelsful finding really good breaks, & then here is Kick It, doing exactly what they say on the label! ;) Thanks to Electrixx & Direct Input for the track & for a free DL ;)

  2. Killer tuna!!!! Really diggin it :D especially the part that's like BTZ BTZ BTZ BTZ BTZ BTZ BTZ!! haha he mustve gotten a kick out of that.