Monday, April 16, 2012

New Release - KIR271 - Fisso & Spark - High Times

Boy do we have a massive release for you this week! With their first outing on Kick It Recordings, “Best New Producer" nominated at the 2012 Breakspoll Awards,  Fisso & Spark bring you “High Times”, right on schedule for that certain day of year!

Hitting you with big drums, bigger leads and a humongous bassline F&S rip this one like a massive bong hit that will knock you for a loop! Vocal stabs keep things moving through the work in and after a brief edit, its time for an all out assault of low ends, turn this shit up!

First up on remix duties is Farace who turns out a massive remix of "High Times" that packs more heat than a vaporizer keeping the overall vibe of the original but giving it a wicked new attitude at the same time, serious business!

Tactical Groove Orbit returns to Kick It taking things into a whole different realm with his delightfully dank Dubstep remix which is packed with phatter leads than one of Snoop Dogg's spliff's, lightin' ya up!

Finishing off the cipher we have new comer to Kick It Recordings Deformaty, who lights up an Electro House phatty that will have you blazed for days with tasty bass and delicious edits, get some!

Support From

Far Too Loud - "Yes! Farace mix, nice!!"

Left/Right - "Serious package of Electro bangers!"

Wavewhore - "This release is huge... loving the Original and the Farace remix,,, top stuff!"

Llupa - "F&S doing what they do so well, solid groove and stomping drums, layered with cool melodic breaks - so damn cool. remixes are cool, but it's all about the original for me"

TJFX - "This is big!! The Farace remix is massive!!"

Diistortiion - "This release is ridiculous. Massively banging! I wouldn't even be able to choose one as the best, just play them all!" 

Toreba Spacedrift - "The Farace remix is outta this world! Funky and driving!!!"

Dad's Disco - "The Farace remix is pre dope.... Keep up the great work :) Kick It!!"

Bass Reflections - "Massive release! Really into this! Loviong all of the remixes and the oringal. Club Stompers we will be supporting for sure!"

SK-2 - "Seriously digging ALL the mixes here, each with their own different flavour, particularly lovin the Deformaty Remix which I dropped on this week's radio show... Another super fine release!!"

   KIR271 - Fisso & Spark - High Times w/ Remixes by Farace, TGO, and Deformaty (Previews) OUT 4/16 by Kick It Recordings

Fisso & Spark "High Times" on Beatport -

Fisso & Spark "High Times" on Juno -

Fisso & Spark "High Times" on Track It Down -

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