Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Free Track - Shwann - Bombast

In celebration of gaining 25,000 followers on his Soundcloud page, the one like Shwann has decided to give away a massive, peak-time, Big Room, club demolisher with, "Bombast"!!!

Starting off with a quick mix-in, the futuristic samurai DJ known as Shwann sends us into the first airy breakdown with no hesitation as we are built up to the gnarly drop in "Bombast"!

Whether it the triplet timed action, the deep and reverb saturated atmosphere, the pound of hard kicks, or the shear magnitude of Big Room power, "Bombast" is an over 4 minute thrill ride from Shwann! With a second long and building breakdown, and a mix-out that goes on for days, there is a lot to love about this track!!! 

Pick this fantastic track up today by visiting the LINK below!!!

Download Link -

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