Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Free Track - Jordan Clayton - City Bassics

Jordan Clayton delivers 100% pure, feel good, Electro House goodness with his newest creation "City Bassics", dropping an onslaught of bass thumping madness, and uplifting synth action!

Kicking things off with the heavy grind of intense leads Jordan Clayton quickly gets feet moving with a massive 4/4 beat that is comprised of crisp snare hits, airy high hats, and large kicks setting listeners up perfectly for a breakdown of epic proportions!

The peaktime play ability of "City Bassics" can not be denied, as Jordan Clayton hits us with a complex array of sounds and textures as he complements beautiful melodies with intense bass driving power, giving us a track that can inspire anyone to get out of their seat and move to the beat!       

  Jordan Clayton - City Bassics **Free Download** [Instrumental Edit] by Jordan Clayton

Jordan Clayton on Facebook - facebook.com/JClaytonOfficial

Jordan Clayton on Twitter - twitter.com/jclayton_music

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