Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Free Track - Beatz Projekted - Back With a Vengeance!

Beatz Projekted does it again with his newest free track "Back With a Vengeance!", the dirty vibes of down right nasty Electro House madness, form a fantastic peaktime masterpiece!

Building synth lines and drums along with heavy sweeps Beatz Projekted quickly gets into some meaty goodness, as pitch bent leads and pounding bass ride with a massive 4/4 beat behind them, right before heading into the monstrosity that is the only breakdown in "Back With a Vengeance!"!

Giving the crowd just what they want Beatz Projekted hits a 11/10 on the epic scale, hitting us with large trance leads and an atmosphere so amazing, you'll have to hear it to believe it! Pick up "Back With a Vengeance!" today, you and the dance floor will be happy you did!!!

  Back with a Vengeance! (Original Mix) "FREE DOWNLOAD!" by Beatz Projekted *

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