Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Free Tune - Donald Glaude & Dj Dan - Stick Em - TJR Remix (Dublic ReFix)

That's right everyone, kicking December off the right way, we have got a big free tuna for you. Dj Dan & Donald Glaude have always been two of my favorite Djs and Donald is the Dj I most looked up to back in the day for his aggressive style, intense energy and loads of cutting and scratching. The first real party I went to, these two guys were the headliners and it was because of their sets that I was forever addicted to Electronic music and the whole culture. I have been lucky enough to spend some time with Donald Glaude over the years including a time he came back to our house where we were having a birthday party/after party and he tagged with my mate on his birthday. TJR is another kick ass Dj who is also a local favorite and he puts on a good show every time he throws down. Putting the three of them together on the production of a tune comes out to some pretty serious business and then you add Dublic to the ReFix and its pure fire. Coming from Budapest, Dublic are turning out some big edits and their rework of "Stick Em" by Dj Dan & Donald Glaude the TJR Remix is a glitchy and funked up Electro banger that will rock any dancefloor! Layering classic House vox over the track for some extra flavor they change up the drums and restructure most of the track giving it a whole new feel. Stretched out breakdowns and chunky beats keep the energy high and the bootys bouncing. Proper stuff! If you are looking for more, Dublic have loads more free downloads available on their Soundcloud page.

Donald Glaude & TJR - Stick Em (Dublic ReFix) by Dublic

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