Thursday, December 9, 2010

Free Tune - Physical Bross & Bass N Funk - WolfCar

Keeping the snowball rolling in this frigid weather, we’re back today with another freebie for you. Spain is well known for its Breaks scene and we're keeping it funky today with a free original coming at you from Spanish duo Physical Bross. They have got some banging and tough tunas up on their SoundCloud page like "Silence is Golden", that you should definitely check out. Showing a different side to their production with "WolfCar", The Physical Bross keep this one more on the fun and dancefloor friendly side. Starting things off with a bit of a trancey feel, crisp and clean drums quickly pick up the pace leading into a horn filled breakdown that brings some classic 70's TV show theme songs to mind before dropping on the echoed female vox. Check your watch because it's business time as soon as it all comes back in. Super groovy leads mix with the cracking snares and the funked up vocal bits. The second breakdown takes us back to Funkytown with another dose of horns and then it's all about the beats again. You can check out more from the Physical Bross on their MySpace page as well so head on over there!

Physical Bross & Bass N Funk - WolfCar [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Physical Bross

Physical Bross on MySpace -

Physical Bross on SoundCloud -

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