Saturday, April 2, 2011

Free Tune - NaDaDrop - Happy Krew Against The World

Packing your week full of punching power The Kick It Blog is back again with another big Free tuna! Today we have a newcomer to the blog via Toulouse France. Listed on his page as "Medieval Trash Electro", NaDaDrop has released "Happy Krew Against The World" and the name seems to fit the track just perfectly. Starting things off on an epic note, this one says anthem right from the get go. Heroic vocals and heavy strings and drums build up the anticipation. You don't have to wait long though my friends as the beat quickly comes slamming in with authority. Heavy grinding bass, a fragmented 4/4 and symphonic leads make up the main stretch into the major breakdown with its dubbed out breakbeat and heavily oscillated bass. Monster edits keep things moving for on overall gangster original that you can grab for FREE! Check out more madness from NaDaDrop on his Soundcloud page and head on over to his Facebook page and drop him a "Like".

Happy Krew Against The World (Original Mix) by NaDaDrop

NaDaDrop on Facebook -

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