Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Free Tune - Sketi - Target Aquired

 Sketi from the UK has been putting out some wicked Breakbeat tunas for a minute now. With about a dozen releases on Beatport, many of which have charted, Sketi is proving to be a major force in the broken beat scene. His remix of Diistortiion's "Feel It" combines Nu-Skool flavor with a Tear-out edge for a grimey jammer with a side of acid. Today we have another style of Sketi showing through and not the one that comes with Marinara sauce, I'm talking about Drumstep boys and girls. "Target Acquired" is wicked in every sense, from the intro which instantly sends the energy skyward to the talking bassline and immaculate drum work. The echoed vox and acid stabs fill out the background along with police sirens for a touch of the heat . I love the Asian-esque pads in the first breakdown which again is packed with more intensity than an supernova set to blow. Tango's in sight and he's bringing the business with him! Check out more wicked tunas from Sketi on Beatport and his Soundcloud page.

   [FREE TUNE] Sketi - Target Acquired [FREE TUNE] by Sketi Music

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