Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Release - Xim & Bass - Sorrow

XSSR Music are back for this, their 18th release and head honcho Mars takes the reigns once again, this time working in collaboration with the mighty Xim & Bass. Featuring remixes from 2 other superb producers; Dub Elements & Quadrat Beat, this is an epic package that is sure to excite bass lovers the world over. 

The original mix is a dirty, bass laden monster of a breaks tune that showcases Mars's super tight production skills to the max. The drums on this are so punchy Mike Tyson was seen running away at the mere thought of them and the bass features more wobbles than a plate of jelly in an earthquake! The breakdowns counterbalance the filth of the main track perfectly with ethereal, eery vocals and superbly crafted builds. If you like your tunes hard, intelligent and downright dirty you'd, be a fool to miss this and if you don't, what is wrong with you?? 

Dub Elements have been making a name for themselves with a string of killer Breaks and Dubstep releases and remixes and they showcase their love of the Dubstep sound once again here. Keeping the vibe of the original very much intact this is a wobbly, filthy and heavy kingsize remix that uses the eerie vocals and killer bassline to great effect. Packed full of energy this remix is going to have those that like their beats on the halftime vibe screaming for more. 

Quadrat Beat are no strangers to working with XSSR and have already proved themselves to be some of the most consistent producers out there over the last couple of years. Taking a different slant on things and slowing things right down, they still manage to maintain the feeling of the original and once again use the awesome vocals to great effect. This remix showcases a different side of the Quadrat Beat boys than we've heard before but rest assured, whilst it may be a bit slower, it maintains bundles of energy, grime and of course, plenty of slamming sub freqs! 
Whichever mix suits your style, you can be assured that dropping one of these massive slabs of bass ridden business will get the crowd rocking so make sure you buy your copy today.

   Mars ft Xim & Bass - Sorrow - XSSR018 by XSSR Music

Available Exclusively on Beatport
Purchase The Release Here - http://xssr.us/beatport-sorrow-xssr018

Xim & Bass on Soundcloud - http://soundcloud.com/ximandbass

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