Friday, April 15, 2011

Free Tune - Hot Pink Delorean - Club Crashers - TJFX Re-Rack

 We know you guys love free stuff so have no fear, another TJFX Re-Rack is here. Open up your gull-wing doors and let the "Club Crashers" come pounding out of your speakers. Hot Pink Delorean AKA Terravita are currently ripping things up all over the UK. Hailing from Boston MA, HPD are quickly making their name known around the globe, putting out everything from Electro House and Indie to seriously heavy Dubstep and the like under the Terravita moniker, all with a raucous side and grimey edge. "Club Crashers" rides up the 4/4 alley in it's original form but TJFX is here to give it a proper re-working. If you like a bit of glitch with your beats, peep this one for sure. Dropping in on the horns for the first breakdown, it's all about to get serious from here. Sliced, diced and spiced to the max TJ retains most of the flavor of the original but funks it up with stutters, rolls and re-sampling. Loads of extra stabs and vocal bits crank up the energy for a peak time floor banger. TJFX has been keeping himself busy in the studio so check out his Soundcloud page for all kinds of free stuff. The video for "Club Crashers" is pretty kick ass as well so I posted it below for you to enjoy. Have a wicked weekend and Kick It!!

   Hot Pink Delorean - Club Crashers - (TJFX Re Rack)FREE DOWNLOAD!!! by TJFX

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