Thursday, April 14, 2011

Free Tune - VovKing - Panic At The Disco

 When it pertains to banging Breakbeats and bassline business, you know that this is this place to be without a doubt! Steadily pumping you full of Exclusives, downloads and more, we're back again today with another wicked tuna that's available for free. Getting things done in a big way from his home land in UA is VovKing and he is giving away one of his original Electro Breaks monsters. Starting things off with a funky break, echoed blips and filtered bass "Panic At The Disco" quickly makes it's way into an epic breakdown with realistic drums and a crunchy lead and then it's time for the bass. Sliding low ends and driving leads paired with a plethora of edits and a female vox that kicks things up an extra notch before the main breakdown takes over. The sub frequencies distort away to nothing leaving the bassline to filter it's way back in then giving way to another round of drumming madness ahead of the pinnacle of the track which takes things up another level to finish you off. The Soundcloud link is maxed out but if you head on over to the track's page, there are two more that work. Check out what else VovKing has been up to by following the links below.

   VovKING - Panic At The Disco (Original Mix) [vovKINGville] FREE TUNE!!! by VovKING

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