Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Free Track - Geek Boy - Fool - Get To Know's Futureboogie Remix

An epic scene portrayed in the form of sound, uplifting and beautiful, leaving listeners two options, dance or sit and become caught in it's musical web of seduction! Get To Know delivers a 7 minute long, Mid-Tempo House remix of "Fool" by Geek Boy. With wonderful and impeccable intuition, he delivers a perfectly arranged, euphoric groover, that is a must grab for those cooler nights at home or out on the town!

Kicking things off with a texture filled atmospheric intro, with crisp high hats, haunting guitars, and heartfelt vocals building up to the funk fueled meat of "Fool", Get To Know doesn't waste time getting straight to the bass goodness in this 80s esque soundscape!

Sweet and smooth guitar chords and licks, reverb saturated drums and pianos, well placed vocals, a bass-line groove that's hard to beat, and an overall tone that leaves one wanting more create a lasting impression! 

With a majestic breakdown filled with vocals and large drum rolls, and a mix-out that is 3 minutes long, Get To Know unleashes a fantastic remix of Geek Boy's "Fool", giving all of us a new jam to add to the collection! 

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