Monday, September 14, 2015

Free Track - Awae & Okami - Aloneness

Washing over us with waves of euphoria today is a perfect end of Summer Chill groover from Awae and Okami titled "Aloneness"! Featuring deep sub rumbles, beautiful piano chords, thick drums, and a myriad of percussion, this is a sweet jam for playing out or for relaxed listening!

Short yet sweet "Aloneness" begins with a quick atmospheric build up, utilizing wide pads, and reverb saturated woodblocks to bring us to the Breakbeat driven meat! Dub inspired bass wobbles and gnarly synth work really pack a punch as deep textures help even things out, creating a wonderful track to start the week off with!  

Awae on Soundcloud -

Okami on Soundcloud -   

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