Sunday, September 20, 2015

Free Track - Monosurround - I Warned You Baby - Breaking News Refix

Breaking News has just put out a slamming, peak-time remix of Monosurrond's "I Warned You Baby"! Changing the 4/4 beat of the original to down and dirty Breakbeat, they add meaty bass lines and aggressive top ends forming a solid remix that is a must grab for the end of the week!

Kicking it off right with a long and energetic mix-in, "I Warned You Baby" is saturated with a heavy, club driving force, that keeps dancers chugging along to this heads down banger!

With a first breakdown that is a quick building tornado of sweeps and drum rolls, we are thrown right back into the raw sub shaking goodness of "I Warned You Baby"!

In this 5 minute epic we are treated to an atmospheric, texture painted second breakdown, leading to a mix-out that just doesn't stop, progressing and perfectly giving time for DJs to really get into this track! 

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