Thursday, September 24, 2015

Free Track - Chill Collins & Josh Rubin - One Track Mind

This evening we have the track "One Track Mind", a solid House groover that is perfect for late-night chill sessions, or cooling down sets! Chill Collins creates a well structured track that is funky and dynamic, along with outstanding vocals from Josh Rubin, this is a must grab for this week!

An atmospheric piano driven intro full of beautiful warmth and wide reverb, leads straight to the 4/4 meat of "One Track Mind". As Chill Collins lays down heavy drums, deep piano chords, and a filtered bouncing bassline, Josh Rubin comes in with vocals that are perfectly delivered, and lyrics that are well balanced and uplifting, even when placed in a somewhat dark, heads down Chill anthem!

With one short breakdown that quickly builds to a long mix-out, which is just right for DJs, "One Track Mind" is a smooth and fantastic track!        

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