Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Free EP - Memory Machine - While We Wait EP

Full of deep grooves, fantastic and haunting soundscapes, and an all around upbeat and funky feel, Memory Machine (the smooth vibe creating alias of mastermind producer Farace), drops the "While We Wait EP", an achievement of low ridding rhythms, and multi-layered textures, that is impossible to not put on repeat!

Opening up with swirling pads and deep piano reminiscent stabs, the title track "While We Wait" stands as a perfect representation of the Memory Machine sound! In a beautiful, Blu Mar Ten esque fashion he combines a surprisingly resilient House beat with a multitude of soft horns, floating synths, wide pads, and an extremely organic sounding bass, all forming a dreamy opening track!

Kicking things up a notch "Don't Cry" is a chilling Deep House jammer in which we can hear the influence of Breaks, as percussion adds a little broken feel to the standard 4/4 beat, being driven by another out of this world arrangement of pads and sweeps, as guitar like leads add flavor and movement in front of the warm saturated basslines that glue every nuance together!

Hitting us to the max with bad to the bone grooves from another decade, "1980 Something" takes us through a time warp with funky drum rolls, perfectly placed snares that are inundated with that oh so familiar 80s reverberation, and yet another killer bassline, this time shifting to high gear as acid like arpeggiations take the forefront and steal the show!

Closing out with a melodic, happy go lucky, organ fueled, soon to be poppy classic, Memory Machine unleashes a heartfelt soundscape that's touching just as much as it's off beat rise of minor pads and swell of movements tug at the old heart strings, "Ebb" is truly a intoxicating track to leave us hanging onto this wonderful and moving EP!                

  While We Wait EP [Free Download] by memory.machine

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