Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Free Track - Stanton Warriors vrs Dj Deller - Romantika

Today we have a fantastic free track from Stanton Warriors, they have decided to upload and give away their upbeat Breakbeat jammer, "Romantika" from DJ Deller!

With a fast mix in Stanton Warriors quickly drop to a ambient, vocal fueled breakdown, then smoothly eases listeners into deep bass driven goodness that's surrounded by delayed sounds and textures, all being pushed by a massive and funky Breakbeat!

Giving us only one more breakdown in the span of almost 8 minutes Stanton Warriors make it abundantly clear that this track is meant to be mixed, giving DJs plenty of time to feel the groove and have fun with the down low vibe of "Romantika"!

  Stanton Warriors vrs Dj Deller - Romantika by Stanton Warriors

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