Monday, February 10, 2014

Free Track - JFB Vs Public Enemy - Bring The Wobble (Chamber Mashup)

Chamber once again delivers a Glitch Hop mash up of epic proportions with his newest creating "Bring The Wobble", combining the smooth rhymes of Public Enemy, the swing of horns from JFB, and the all out Glitch Hop goodness that Chamber drops with every track he touches!

Starting things off with a heavy beat and wonderful rolling pianos and horns Chamber quickly filters in movement and sound right before he hits us with massive sub wobbles and grinding saturated leads, as vocals from Chuck D and Flavor Flav unleash funky driving energy that send "Bring The Wobble" to a whole new level!

With no breakdowns and few build ups Chamber gives listeners and DJs exactly what they want, a non stop dance groover that can keep ears chugging along for days! To pick up "Bring The Wobble" for free just stop by Chambers Facebook Page and give it a like, there is a ton of music on his page, and all his tracks are supremely funky!!!

  JFB Vs Public Enemy - Bring The Wobble (Chamber Mashup) FREE DOWNLOAD by DJ Chamber

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