Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Free Tunes - Adele - Rolling in The Deep - Kyle Cross and Tune in Crew Remixes

Ah, summertime and long weekends, that's what I'm talking about. I hope everybody here in the States had an excellent Memorial Day weekend! It's always amazing how it goes from 50 degrees and rainy to 90 degrees and humid within two days here in New England. Anyway, let's talk about some music eh.

When it comes to vocalists, Adele is definitely one of the brightest stars shining in 2011 and the sheer amount of remixes of her tracks that pop up prove she is on course to leave a major mark on the music industry. With an instantly recognizable voice and the ability to tell a story like Les Claypol, UK native Adele is only going up from here. She recently released her Sophmore album "21" and it has been finding the ears of listeners far and wide. 

One of the stand out tracks from the album that grabs me by my soul every time I hear it is "Rolling in The Deep". Chain gang drums and claps pound away at your heart as Adele's vocals penetrate deep inside to your core leaving not a nerve untouched. The background vox are wicked as well as Adele rips through notes like a knife stabbing deep. The keys are just as pained as Adele's lyrics and add just the right edge to an epic piece.

First up bringing us a Breaks remix of "Rolling in The Deep" is Kyle Cross from Calgary Canada. Kyle has been turning out some proper bangers including his forthcoming remix of "Twin Nation" by Botbass do out later this summer on Kick It Recordings. Plump breaks and cheeky bleeps and zaps get things moving as Adele's vocals work their way in alongside the hi hats. The tough and ravey bassline filters in through the first breakdown and comes in with authority on the downbeat. Wicked edits on the vox keep things interesting into the main break. Check out more from Kyle on his Soundcloud page.

   Adele - Rolling in The Deep (Kyle Cross Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD 320KBS by KyleCross

Next up is Tune in Crew who turn in a massive funky and soulful House remix that will rock any dancefloor. High on energy with a solid groove and a dose of pop thrown in for good measure, Tune in Crew are bringing the business!

   Adele - Rolling in the deep Tune In Crew Remix by TuneInCrew

Adele's Website - A HREF="http://www.adele.tv/">http://www.adele.tv/

Adele on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/adele

Kyle Cross on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/djkylecross

Tune in Crew on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/TUNE-IN-CREW/47354874504?ref=ts

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