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Free Tune & Mix, Exclusive Interview, New Release and Video - Aquasky

Man are things crazy in Kick It Land!! We've got events going on all over and we're pumping out the releases not to mention this week's latest from Kick It front man Farace, "Feel That Ammunition" is already charting and one of his latest remixes on Technocolor received recent support from Radio 1's own Kissy Sell Out, aww yeah!

Today we have got heapings of business on tap and the ones like Aquasky are keeping your glasses full. Receiving heavy support is their newest release out now from Passenger on vinyl and in digital format. It’s been 16 years since the guy’s debut on Moving Shadow and throughout those years they have recorded for a number of labels such as Reinforced, Good Looking, Hospital, Botchit & Scarper, Southern Fried, Polydor and Mr. Bongo. But their real passion is Passenger, 14 years of pushing out cutting edge dance music of all genres and things have come near full circle. After embracing Breakbeat back in 1999, Aquasky went on to define and create a sub-genre within the scene and during that era countless fine acts were inspired by the trio.
Now Aquasky themselves are being re-inspired by their earlier, bassline driven, rave infused jump up styles as perfectly compiled on albums such as Beat The System (Botchit & Scarper 2002) and Stayfresh (Moving Shadow 2003). A run of gigs and festivals with The Ragga Twins during 2010 headlined as ‘A History Of Breaks’ helped to bring back this passion.
On this release Aquasky call on two Goddesses of Drum & Bass aka the Queens of the Jungle... Diane Charlemagne and LadyRoller and Aquasky are honored to have worked with them, both ladies are still just as talented as back in the day.
So, on that note, Aquasky present to you two 140bpm straight up bass bangers... simple as that. You know the protocol, turn it up loud and keep it rolling till the morning...
Long live the RAVE!!

Support From

Rusko - "Wow, these tunes just smashed in my backdoor in, 5/5"

Shimon - "I like this A LOT!"

NAPT - "Full on and in your face - classic Aquasky sound."

IDJ (Carl Loben) - "Wow, Aquasky have done it again!"

Cutline - "Love the vocal on this one, big tune!"

General Midi - "Aquasky can do no wrong."

Been a minute since you've heard a proper bassline mix? Starting to feel those summertime vibes? Well then have we got the mix for you! The Aquasky three bring us just under an hour of nothing but the best in beats, breaks and bass with their Swagger Jacking 2011 Mixtape. Packed full of unreleased and forthcoming tunas, this one is sure to get the party hopping so click the download button and crank it up!

Aquasky Swagger Jacking 2011 Mixtape

1. - 'Shock Headed' A1 Bassline
2. - 'Turn Me Up Some' Stanton Warriors
3. - 'Source 16' Redlight
3.1 - 'Stick Up' (Acapella) Wizard Sleeve 
(From the forthcoming track by Lee Mortimer, Black Noise & Wizard Sleeve)
4. - 'Northern 2-Step' Doorly
5. - 'Blau' (Lee Mortimer's 2011 Re-edit) Laidback Luke & 
Lee Mortimer (Forthcoming on Warehouse)
6. - 'Progress' Redlight
7. - 'No Doubt' Black Noise & Lee Mortimer 
(Forthcoming on Warehouse)
8. - 'Together' (DJ Fresh Future Jungle Mix)
9. - 'Take Me There' Aquasky & Diane Charlemagne - 
Passenger -
10. - 'Take Me There' (Cutline Remix) Aquasky & Diane Charlemagne - (Forthcoming on Passenger)
11. - 'KillaSound' Freestylers
12. - 'Brothers & Sisters' 601 (Forthcoming on Passenger)
13. - 'Genesis' Anyman
13.1 - 'Have A Good Time' (Acapella) Acafool & Aquasky
14. - 'Boat Party' Skream
15. - 'Bass Down Low' (Proper Villains Remix) The Cataracs
16. - 'Feel The Sound' Aquasky & LadyRolla - 
Passenger -
17. - 'Blind Faith' (Trolly Snatcha Remix) Chase & Status
18. - 'Deep Down' (Dubstep Mix) Wickerman & RV
19. - 'FRZR9000' 16bit
20. - 'Biohazard' Downlink
21. - 'DeadZone' B-Tek
22. - 'Time' (Wilkinson Remix) Chase & Status
23. - 'Take It Back' (The Prototypes Remix) 
The Qemists Ft. Enter Shikari
24. - 'R U Ready' Calvertron
25. - 'Boom Shake The Room (Kanji Kinetic Remix) 
Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
25.1 - 'Never Mean To Hurt You' (Acapella) Wizard Sleeve
26. - 'Feel It' (LAOS Remix) Rico Tubbs
26.1 - 'Reach You' (Acapella) Engine-Earz Experiment
27. - 'Wondering' (Dirtyphonics Remix) Does It Offend You Yeah?

Now I know you are thinking, "I thought I saw Free Tune in the post title", fear not my friends, your free tune is here. Up for grabs is "Living Legends" from Aquasky & The Ragga Twins, the unreleased instrumental version. Funky feel good vibes and a healthy dose of horns and organs combine with natural drums for an all around groovy track with some wobbling bass to back it up. All you've got to do to get your hands on it is head over to Aquasky's Facebook page and hit the "Like" button. Once you, do the link for the download will pop up on the page.

Aquasky's Facebook Page -

Later this summer Passenger will be re-releasing "Take Me There" with remixes by Cutline, 601 and Jay Robinson, check out a preview of the Cutline remix below.

And if all that weren't enough for you, we have also got an exclusive interview from Aquasky for our readers. We were lucky enough to get them to take the time and answer the Kick It Twelve and you can check out what they had to say below! 

The Kick It Twelve - Aquasky Edition 

1. At what age did you first find yourself gravitating towards electronic music and who were some of the artists outside of Electronic music that influenced that? 

It would be a free tape on the front of Mixmag or the face or something like that in 88-89. It was a showcase of Warp Records and it flipped my brain as I was still listening to old Electro around the time and it seemed to link into that. Next was listening to the pirates like Sunshine and Apple and Kiss. We use to get tapes come to us every Sunday/Monday from mates older brothers etc who spent the weekend raving in London (we were too young then to get to raves in London). That’s when I started to hear the sound of rave, acid and early jungle and techno jungle. I was locked in for the ride 100% by 89-90.

2. What was your very first album? How about CD?

First album was Electro 9 on Streetsounds and first CD would have been something on streetsounds, one of their dodgy soul CDs or something. I never listened to it!!! That would have been like 86 or something.

3. How did you first get involved with the Electronic music culture and what was the first event that you attended?

I first got involved when I went to college in 89. I had a vespa scooter so had transport and a bunch of us had them. A few of the older girls had cars. We use to go to illegal parties and raves around Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire and Devon. Then we started to get into clubs around Bournemouth such as Madisons and Kevins House. I think Kevins House was the first club I ever went to. That was a club with a huge history locally.

4. Where was your favorite gig that you have had to date?

A38 boat on the River Danube in Budapest for the Fresh ER parties. Great venue, great promoters, great people, great city, great vibes… I love Hungary and I love Eastern Europe and Russia. I always try to grab those gigs when they come in.

5. Who have you been most proud to play alongside?

We played the opening night of Fabric and after Rennie Pilgrem. That was awesome as we had just started to make breaks and knew of Rennie from his Rhythm Section releases. I think also when we played with Method Man in Texas was pretty mental. The early 95/96 Moving Shadow and Reinforced parties were great too as you met lots of your idols that way! Including Goldie who I was a fan of when he used to break with the Wolverhampton B-Boys and when he used to paint proper illegal graffiti around his estate and beyond. You all need to check the documentary "Bombin" which features a young Goldie, 3D (Massive Attack), Nellie Hooper and loads of heads. Including the New York TAT Crew who I was lucky enough to go over and meet in 1992 at the New York 18th Zulu Nation Party... I was 19 and was in the zone!!!

6. Where would you most like to play that you have not yet?

Africa or South America

7. What is your favorite tune you have released? 

Probably ‘Images or Dezires’ from Moving Shadow or ‘777’ on Botchit and Scarper… or the Teamplayers album

8. Who is your favorite EDM artist? How about outside of EDM?

I don’t really have one TBH… my tastes are too broad!!! Outside it would have to be someone like Mark Murphy the jazz singer who we were lucky enough to do 4 tracks with back in 2000-2002

9. Who are some artists you would like to collaborate with in the future?

Well we are collabing with Tenor Fly, The Ragga Twins, Daddy Freddy, Acafool, Engine Earz and Lee Mortimer on our album so that’s good enough for now. I would love to write a tune with Ali Campbell from UB40 as he lives around the corner and has popped over to the studio before.

10. What is your preferred software for producing? Hardware?

Cubase and Ableton are the main platforms we use rewired together with a bunch of VST synths and  plugins, we still have some hardware like some cool old synths a fender rhodes piano and a really good mic and channel strip for recording vocals. Also we have built a really good studio room which is really important for good mix downs.

11. What life lessons has the music industry taught you? 

Hahaha... I have been asked that a few times lately so apologies to those who already know my answer to this question... I have quoted it for the past 15 years, lol!!!
Back in 1993 I was signed to my first label while recording instrumental Hip Hop under the name Jaziac Sunflowers. The label was Black On Black Records run by the good Dr. Bob Jones from KissFM and label management by Sav Remzi who went onto to set up Nuphonic and is now responsible for the awesome Tirk Records. Bob said to me “Be nice to people on the way up as you will meet them on the way back down”. Never a truer word spoken because i have seen so many ‘names’ lord themselves up on the way to fame and then try being your mate when their star has fallen. No time for people like that at all...

12. What does the future hold for Aquasky? 


Aquasky on Soundcloud -

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