Friday, May 27, 2011

Free Tune - NITEPPL - Bach to the Future

Just a quick post today, lots to do to get ready for tonight's event but I wanted to at least drop you guys a free tune. Today's business is coming to you from the San Francisco natives NITEPPL.

Everyone knows that the freaks come out at night but apparently so do long dead composers. Bach is back and he is "Bach to the Future" to be more specific. On May the first in the year of our Lord Two-Thousand and Eleven, Bach was in his spaceship with his organ and a bunch of bitches. I'm thinking a little Ecstasy may have been present as well. No matter, for the outcome of the days activities resulted in a spacey and tripped out 4/4 banger that is the perfect opener for getting the party started. If you listen to Sneaker & The Dryer on NSB Radio, you may have heard this little number dropped a time or two. Wicked synth work and well done editing are paired with a couple of vox samples in just the right spots. The little edit on the keys near the end is well worth waiting for and is my favorite bit of the track. If you like what you hear, check out the NITEPPL's Soundcloud page for plenty more free tunes. Have a great weekend everybody and Kick It!!

   Bach to the Future by NITEPPL

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