Thursday, May 19, 2011

Free Tune & Mix and New Release - 2D - Give a Little Love EP

Holy crap, I actually have a chance to do a blog post! Things have been flat out crazy here at Kick It HQ and I've been on the road for most of May as well so I apologize for the serious lack of content as of late! Fear not, I have a plethora of material stockpiled to drop for you so I will do my best to make up for it in the coming days. Today we have got a nice little package of stuff in response to 2D's latest release, his "Give A Little Love" EP. 

2D has been spinning Breakbeats, 2 Step, and Garage since 2001. Co-runner of the Dragon Step Radio Show on Radio Active (100.0 FM in Toulon) since 2002 with Metod, Stalefish and Smeen San, the four soon started Step Express Recordings. Keeping himself busy in the studio and on the road, 2D has played all over France from Marseille and in Toulon to Montpellier, Lyon, Perpignan, as well as at many free parties in the south of France. Following his successful releases on Step Express Recordings, 2D was soon signed to the UK based label Resin Records in 2008 and the story continues...

Bringing us funky and fresh new beats from the South of France, 2D returns with his brand new EP on Step Express Recordings composed of three fairly different tracks for the summertime parties and festivals of 2011. 

Showcasing his distinctive brand of Reggae infused beats and calling on his varied musical tastes, 2D incorporates Dubstep, Breakbeats and Hip Hop along with some tasty basslines into all three tracks starting things off with "Give a Little Love". Full on Reggae Dubstep that is simple yet efficient and will get the kids moving any time of the day. Big wobbling bass, guitar skanks, sound-system FX and vocal samples from 80's Dub all work together in perfect harmony. Next up is"Soundboy Killa" which is more on the dub side of things composed of Reggae drums, fills and percussions that are supported by big and heavy subs that lead the track. Closing things out is the wicked "Zombies Skank" full of Old School breakbeats and Reggae samples plus a Dubstep breakdown for good measure and an almost Down-Tempo one worked in as well. Love the vox on this one and the sub frequencies have got a great vibe to them as well, top stuff and my pick of the bunch.

Support From

Aquasky - "Zombies Skank is the one here... would play that inna dance!"
Freddy Fresh - "Good Tunage!"
Freestylers - "Give a Little Love is the one for me.... Article Rude Boy!!"
Bassnectar - "Thank You!!"
General Midi - "Summer vibes, good stuff!"

   2D - Give a little love EP - Step Express Recordings by DJ2D

Purchase the 2D EP Here -

If that doesn't satisfy your need for the bassline business, check out the promo mix we have from 2D for you as well. Opening with two tracks from the EP, this a great mix to chase away the clouds and bring in the sun, setting the tone for a proper summer full of ganja, girls, and green fields! Just over forty minutes of non-stop goodness all mixed with the skills of a proper turntable veteran.

2D Promo Mix

1. - 2D "Give a Little Love" Step Express
2. - 2D "Soundboy Killa" Step Express
3. - Skream "Dutch Flowerz" Tempa
4. - The Others "Quantum Leap" Dub Police
5. - 2D "Voodoo Night" Resin Records Promo
6. - The Others "Underscore" Ringo Recordings
7. - Joker "Do It" Kapsize
8. - Flux Pavilion "Night Goes On" Circus Recordings
9. - 2D Ft. MC Metod "Smokerz" Resin Records Promo
10. - Kion & Murda "Dub Cinderella" Argon Records
11. - Jay 5ive & Kromestar "Bass 96" Bass N Love Records
12. - Matty G "My 808s" Dubpolice
13. - 2D "Definition Of" Resin Records Promo
14. - DJ Fresh "Gold Dust" (Flux Pavilion Remix)
15. - Brown & Gammon "Painkillers" Circus Records
16. - WTF?! Ft. Dead Prez "It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop" Breakbeat Kaos
17. - The Others Vs Subscape "Lion Skank" Dub Police
18. - Emalkay "Crusader" Dub Police
19. - 2D "Zombies Skank" Step Express
20. - Rusko "Make It Funky for Me" Digital Soundboy
21. - 2D "Kinda Jazz" Resin Records

2D Promo Mix -  Promo Mix
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And of course rounding things out, as mentioned we have a free tuna available for download as well. "Tam Tam Ting" features shuffling breaks, grooving organs, a good dose of Reggae flavor and a drawn out talking bassline. A bit of Old School wobble makes it's way into the breakdown to keep it classy.

   2D - Tam Tam Ting by DJ2D

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