Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Free Tune - Billy Newton Davis - Promised Land - Calvertron Vs Arahal Breaks Mix

Who likes free music? I know you do, that's why you're here! So, I suppose I can oblige all of you hungry for some fresh tuna and hit you with the sushi action. This one just went up a few hours ago and it's getting good response already. Making his name known by way of Seville Spain is the one known as Arahal. Not much is knwon about this enigmatic fellow but I do know one thing, he has some great free downloads available on his Soundcloud page. 

Today we are talking about a classic that has been recently re-released with a host of remixes by the likes of Melleefresh, David Jones and Calvertron. Joe Smooth's "Promised Land" is an anthemic House tune from 1989 taking ya way back! It's been refreshed with new vocals from Billy Newton Davis and then re-done in a multitude of genres. Calvertron whips up the bassline business putting together a hefty Dubstep piece that will rip you a new earhole. Complete with talking bass and a plethora of wobbles, it's sure to satisfy the needs of all those people coming up to you asking, "can you play some Dubstep?" Arahal tosses a workable intro on the front with a meaty kick and cracking snare making it playable in a Breaks set. The first breakdown gives way to the trancey synths and quickly moves on to the well known vox bits. When it all comes back in, she's got that Breakbeat backing her again, making for a proper re-work you should grab for yourselves. 

Check out Arahal's Soundcloud page for a bunch of other good stuff.

  Billy Newton Davis - Promised Land (Calvertron vs Arahal Breaks Mix) by ARAHAL

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