Monday, May 23, 2011

New Release - Bush Doctors - There's a Ghost in My House

Happy Monday party people, I hope you all had fun filled weekends packed with good music, good times and good friends! It's back to the 9-5 for most everybody but we keep you up and running with a good dose of the high octane business. Today's top-off might just scare you right out of your seat if you're afraid of ghouls and the like. Green thumbs of the record business, The Bush Doctors are the highly esteemed, multi-award winning producers also known as Rennie Pilgrem and Jem Panufnik. Behind two of the most successful Indie Electronica labels of the last decade, TCR and Finger Lickin' Records, the dynamic duo are back again with a monster of a release.

Having not only individually DJ’d the world over while leaving a wake of hugely successful club smashers behind them, Rennie and Jem have also played their part in defining the dance scene as we know it. Now they join forces in a whirlwind of black magic and sinister grooves that will send shivers up your spine and cold fear into the hearts of the funkless.Concocting evil potions spiced with ‘70s Funk and Disco and whisking up rhythmic rituals that make young virgins dance like crazed banshees, the Bush Doctors are out to get your soul!  Tipped by iDJ as “Ones to Watch in 2010” they’ve conjured up a spellbinding barrage of deep down dirty grooves entwined with their trademark Voodoo Funk. Their DJ sets throw grinding Funk, Disco, House and Breaks into the cauldron, all served up with the beating hearts of horn sections and the shrunken skulls of Latin percussion. In the distance the Jungle drums are rumbling… the Bush Doctors are coming! 

"There's a Ghost in My House" is Dirty Housey Funk with a wicked groove and seductive vocals provided by the talented Heather McCullum. A deliciously funked up bassline provides the backing for the eerie vocals, resulting in a slick and seductive track on course to send shivers down the spines of dancers around the globe, if you can't enjoy this tune, I feel you may be broken! Check out the "Get Scarey With Me" edit from The Pimpsouls and the "Bump in the Night" Vocal and Dub Mixes from the Doctors themselves as well, one of which we have for you below.

   Bush Doctors - There's a Ghost in my House - OUT NOW!! by Bush Doctors
And just in case that wasn't enough to wet your appetite for a Monday, we have the video below for you as well to help pass the time. Head on over to your favorite digital distributor and pick up the release for yourself!

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