Thursday, May 26, 2011

Free Tune & Kick It Event

Let's start today off with a congratulations to us and a thanks for the support to all of our readers, we broke 50,000 views yesterday!! 

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Kick It is hard at work putting together bigger and better events and tomorrow night is the second edition of Kick The System in Worcester MA. We're upping the ante for round two with 2 rooms of wicked sound brought to you by Supreme Sounds and no less than 11 Djs from the likes of Terry Mullan, Midas, and Disco Ball Murder Kit who will be bringing you nothing but the best in banging beats and basslines! As always we will be giving away loads of Kick It schwag including T-Shirts, stickers and zipper pulls and we have a raffle for an iPod with headphones as well! Mutiny events will be in the building also and they will have a host of freebies for everybody too! Ten bucks for two rooms and six hours, you can't beat that!

 Kick The System Club Page -

Now about that free tuna! 

 Mastermind behind the label Fun N Dark is Spanish native Wardian who started out as many producers do, with a guitar in his hands. By the time he was eighteen, Wardian had found Electronic music and he was beginning to find his love for Breakbeats, Drum & Bass and all things with a bassline! In 2000 he bought his first bits of equipment and beginning filling his bag with vinyl. Working hard in the studio and relentlessly promoting himself as a Dj, taking whatever gigs he could get, the dedicated and hard working Wardian soon began making a name for himself. In 2004 Wardian got his first tune released on vinyl and it was all on from there. Wardian has worked with multiple labels including starting and running his own and has had several chart topping releases in the time since then.

Now you can grab one of Wardian's bangers from 2009 for free. "Bohemian Melodist" blends a bit of Si-Fi and circus music with chunky breaks and a meaty bassline, fitting right in with his fun and dark stylings. Good grooves and funky synths keep things bouncing and a half time change up that comes out of nowhere will keep the dancers on their toes and then get ready for the scary clown breakdown! Check out Wardian's Soundcloud page for a host of other free tunes and downloads.

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