Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Free Track and New Release - KIR 265 - Tactical Groove Orbit - Bleaching It w/ Yreane and Play Moore Remixes

Who’s ready for the serious business? Kick It is back again and we’re bringing you “Bleaching It” from Tactical Groove Orbit with two awesome remixes from Yreane and Play Moore.

Starting things off we have the Original from Tactical Groove Orbit which is a no-nonsense, heads-down, thunderstorm of a choon wasting no time in getting down to the dirty work. Heavy axe samples and the big vocals immediately start building things up and in no time at all it’s a full on perfect storm with tsunami sized low ends and a hail storm of edits. Never letting up from beginning to end like a winter Nor’ Easter, TGO will leave dancefloors devastated with this one.

Yreane is first up on remix duties and he shows us why his name has been traveling far and wide in recent times. Crisp drums and tight synth work backed by shouts of “Go” are the first things to hit your ears and it’s not long before the blistering bass takes control of your speakers with little concern for whether you are ready or not. Keeping the overall vibe of the original but taking it to an even harder level if you can believe that, Yreane scores big on this remix.

If it's the free business you're after, Play Moore has turned in a top tuna himself and his remix is available for FREE! No stranger to the remix game, Play Moore's more laid back and grooving take on “Bleaching It” properly rounds out the bunch. Big power leads and a wobbling bassline create the perfect combo for a proper crowd rocker. If vocals aren’t you’re thing, this is the remix for you.

"Bleaching It" just dropped today on all digital sites so head over to where you get your music and grab a copy of the release for yourself and you cab grab the Play Moore Remix below.

Support From

Farace - "BIG release here, loving all the mixes! One for every occasion!"

Fisso & Spark - "Awesome release! Will play original and Yreane remix!"

Wavewhore - "Feelin' the original on this one... headz down, take no prisoners bizness!"

Mobius - "Original mix is slamming, will be playing for sure."

Bass Reflections - "Sick release! Loving all the versions. Lots of different vibes to fill every set. Lots of funk and lots of jamin! Will def support this!"

TJFX - "Big release!!! Play Moore remix is right up my alley!!"

Diistortiion - "Seriously smashing package, every version is bang on. Can't wait to drop these."

Dad's Disco - "Dancefloor shredder!" 

SK-2 - "Absolutely blinding track with 2 awesome remixes, can't get better than that!! Favorite mix for me has to be the Play Moore remix, will be dropping on the radio show this week for sure!!" 

Reality Randy - "This is so hard! My favorite release yet!"

Tactical Groove Orbit "Bleaching It" on Beatport - Bleaching It

Tactical Groove Orbit "Bleaching It" on Juno - Bleaching It

Tactical Groove Orbit "Bleaching It" on Track It Down - Bleaching It

Tactical Groove Orbit on Facebook - www.facebook.com/tacticalgrooveorbit

Yreane on Facebook - www.facebook.com/yreane

Play Moore on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Play-Moore

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