Thursday, January 5, 2012

Free Track and New Video - Farace ft. Trevor Rockwell - Madness Inside

Wow have we got a serious free tuna for you guys today! The one like Farace has been diligently plodding away in the studio and he has been putting together some monster stuff as of late! 

Farace's latest release on Kick It, "Get Up Jax" was one of my favorite tunes of 2011 and he has also teamed up with Dave Berg for a massive banger entitled "Fly Away" featuring Kristen Campbell and MC Benzo which you guys are gonna love when it finally drops!

Today's piece of free action, "Madness Inside", is an Indie Electro stormer featuring chopped up vocals from FL native Trevor Rockwell which has got Farace written all over it. The drum work is maniacal but musical and the synths and bass are nothing but the business. Sexy keys and chained arps quickly get you into the first break which is all about the snare roll and wastes no time getting you right where you want to be, stuck inside your own mind. Mad hatter like use of LFOs and non stop edits will have you wondering if you should drink the bottle or eat the cake, either way, turn this one up and let that bass hit!

Green V Photo is back with another awesome video for "Madness Inside" and if you haven't seen their work yet, you can also check out the video for "Get Up Jax" below. You can grab the tune for free by entering your email address in the box below and make sure to head on over to Farace's website for an assortment of free stuff, happy downloading!

   [FREE DL SEE INFO] Farace feat Trevor Rockwell - Madness Inside (Original Mix) by farace


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