Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Release - KIR264 - Kwerk - Don't Stop w/ VovKING Remix

Ladies and gentlemen have we got a big release for you all today! Kick It Recordings is ramping things up for 2012 and today we have our first release of the year. KIR264 is starting things off right with the return of Kwerk and the one like VovKING bringing us a Massive remix which has already picked up a feature from Track It Down!

Kwerk has been garnering support from many a Dj with his crisp beats and tight production and “Don’t Stop” keeps right in line with the rest of his previous releases. Chunky drums and Kwerky stabs set things in motion for this one quickly followed by vocal stabs working their way in. A super short break and then your hit right smack in the face with the wicked bassline that jerks and twerks it’s way through the speakers. Mid way through the tune is a serious build up that will work your crowd into a frenzy before giving em another round of bass and then another big build up to really seal the deal, don’t stop!

The one like VovKING has been making serious waves with his unique style and hard edged sound and he turns out a massive remix of “Don’t Stop” which is sure to be hitting the charts! Wasting no time, VovKING gets right down to business with heavy low ends and a meaty beat backed by islandy toms for a bit of funky flavor. The first break features glitchy leads and a cracking snare roll that drops you into the rolling and wobbling bass. The energy in this one is just nuts like VovKING himself and the main breakdown is likely to make you jump before getting right back into it. Don’t sleep on this as it is already speaker tested and floor proven to do the job!

Support From

Farace - "Loving this release, VovKING Remix would be my top pick, absolute banger!!"

Fisso & Spark - "Awesome release! All 3 tracks are rocking and we will be supporting them for sure!!"

Yreane - "I'm  a big fan of VovKING and this remix is not an exception, great job on the beats and the bass but on this release the original does it for me, Kwerk just kills it! Amazing rolling bass and great vocal samples making for a very catchy tune, big ups!"

Wavewhore - "Feelin the VovKING Remix on this one."

OLMEC - "Awesome, top notch release!"

Mobius - "Liking the harder edge of the VovKING Remix here, will be playing."

Diistortiion - "Great release. Both tracks offer different takes that will work well on the dancefloor in different parts of a set. Will support this one for sure!"

TJFX - "Please Don't Stop, I can't pick one! They are both just nasty in their own ways!"

Llupa - "Cool sounding tunes, VovKING Remix is pretty nuts."

Ed Russell - "Massive! Big time Kwerk supporter but that remix is frickin' huge, love it! More please."

Kyle Cross - "I'll take tracks like this all year long! Big big big!!"

SK-2 - "It's releases like this that remind me why I love Kwerk, VovKING & indeed Kick It Recordings!! Everything about both tracks here tick all my boxes, fat, chunky, heavy floor-filling monsters!

Toreba Spacedrift - "Big business!!"

Jaden - "This is a huge release, loving them both!

   KIR264 - Kwerk - Don't Stop w/ VovKING Remix (Previews) by Kick It Recordings

Kwerk "Don't Stop" on Juno - Don't Stop

Kwerk "Don't Stop" on Track It Down - Don't Stop

Kwerk on Facebook -

VovKING on Facebook -

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