Friday, January 20, 2012

New Video & Track - Farace & Dave Berg - Fly Away - Ft. Benzo & Kristen Campbell

Ah, that wonderful day known as Friday, who's ready for the weekend! If you're not quite yet in party mode, (granted it is 8am here on the East Coast) I've got just what you need to get you there, get ready for the business!

Front man and founder of Kick It Recordings, Florida native Farace is one of the most talented, dedicated and hard working people I have ever met. He is non-stop pushing himself to improve and accomplish more and his skill set is ever expanding. From making killer tunes to running one of the fastest rising labels along with his partner Btz, to working with stills and film, Farace can pretty much do it all and he does it well and with style!

Recently Farace has been working with two other well known Florida artists, Dave Berg and Kristen Campbell. Add MC Benzo into the mix and you have the recipe for some massive magic to happen and that's just what "Fly Away" is, pure magic and it's forthcoming on Kick It!

But as I stated before, not only is Farace a whiz-kid in the studio, constantly knocking out banger after banger but he's a creative genius all around and this has resulted in the "Fly Away Showdown" brought to you by Kick It Recordings, Diamond Dave and Sugar Fingers Farace.

If you've never experienced the cut throat and often physical game of the underground Ping Pong world, then this is your chance to get a glimpse into this often heard of but rarely seen circuit. Two of the scene's top contenders, Diamond Dave and Sugar Fingers Farace have once again decided to let it all loose on the green table with the tiny net. 

Fortunes and loved ones have been won and lost on these small folding apparatuses and the story is no different between these two paddle wielding legends. Having faced each other over the years in various undisclosed locations, the rivalry between these two fierce competitors burns like a three alarm blaze that can only be extinguished by one final match. When the sweat bands come out and the short-shorts are in sight, get out your bill fold and get ready to place your bets!

When it comes to table tennis and talking trash, both Diamond Dave and Sugar Fingers can serve up aces all day long and the matches pre-game interviews only provided more fuel for the firestorm that was to be unleashed in the shadows of a small but well known club deep in the city. Unfortunately for these two Racket-teers, the ITTF caught wind of the showdown and nothing good ever happens when they get involved, if you don't know what I mean you'll just have to see for yourselves.

"Fly Away" provides the Soundtrack to this epic battle and you can watch all the intense, heart pumping, English inducing, balls to the wall action below. Check out the interviews for an insight into the players and their styles and then it's time for the no holds barred final showdown, watch it all unfold like a brand new ping pong table fresh out of the box, it's your serve.

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