Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Release, Free Track and Free Mix - MC2 - Beat Em Up

Crashing through your bass bins like a ferocious Electro, Glitch-Step, Daft Punk Symphony are French production duo MC2 and they're bringing a free track, mix and wicked 3 tune EP with them, duck and cover!

Hailing from Marseille, France, MC2 is an up and coming Glitch-Hop duet. Playing live with controllers joysticks and pads, they could easily be seen as a proper Rock band. Their music is a blend of Glitch-Hop, Dubstep, IDM and discrete yet strong Mediterranean influences.

Miosine and Ckel started making music together back in 2008 and quickly released remixes for the likes of Missil, Tambour Battant and Nasser on labels such as Boxon, Leonizer and Discograph. In 2011 they released their first EP on Marseilles imprint I.O.T, "Mcs Slicing".

MC2 soon joined the Ch√Ęteau Bruyant Team alongside Tambour Battant, Niveau Zero, The Unik and Habstrakt and are ready and able to launch some new glitch bombs as well as performing furious live sets.

Storming into 2012 with a gargantuan EP, combining Dubstep, Glitch-Hop, sexy and lush French filtered orchestral, and cut up Electro, MC2 are hitting you hard with three big tunas.

"Beat Em Up's" intro is Electro P Funk synth heaven, crashing into heavily distorted bass cut up with programmed beats and computer game parps and whizzes.

"Feel Roll Ins" is a ferocious Dubstep judderer with fierce chops and razor sharp drums and sampling, Daft Punk on steroids!

"Computer Slave" is straight up Glitch-Hop with all kinds of funk in the trunk and one bad ass attitude! Sprinkling in delicate bleeps and a kind of 80's cop show film score drop, MC2 will have everyone's hands in the air with this one!

Support From

Afghan Headpsin - "Daft Punk for 2012!" 

Akira Kiteshi - "Loving the new EP! I'll defo be dropping it in my sets!" 

Mat The Alien - "10/10, Big sound, liking this EP." 

Ill Gates - "Bad tunes for sure. MC2 demonstrate great creativity and skill with this release, they are ones to watch in 2012." 

Nick Thayer - "Killer EP. Great introduction and I'll be keeping an eye on these guys." 

Ed Solo - "Nice, good production."

Dj Craze - "This is a good surprise."

If you want to hear what a full on MC2 show is like, check out the forty minute mix we have for you below. Featuring many of their own tunes along with bangers from artists like Calvertron, Dubsidia and Bassnectar, this is one mix that will put your woofers to the test and have a neighbor or two yelling "Turn that racket down!"

"Beat Em Up" EP - Promo Mix Tracklist

01. - MC2 "Beat Em Up" (Chateau Bruyant Records)
02. - Kraddy "Ill Million" (Anthems of the Hero)
03. - Pixelord & Kidkanevil "First Touch" Turnsteak Remix (Mad Hop Vol.4)
04. - Two fingers vs JayZ "Folls Rhythm of Clarity 
        {The Revenge of Autotune} MC2 Bootlegs
05. - DCarls Ft. Maksim "Jump" (Play Me)
06. - Calvertron "Devil's Playground" (Jack Knife Records)
07. - MC2 "Feel Roll In's" (Chatea Bruyant Records)
08. - Bassnectar & Ill Gates "Probable Cause" (Amorphous Music)
09. - Daft Punk "Aerodynamic" Specimen A Vs James D'Ley Re-Fix
10. - Lokid "Spectacular Weakness" Unreleased
11. - Koan Sound "Funk Blaster" (OWSLA)
12. - MC2 "Computer Slave" Chateau Bruyant rec
13. - Nosaj Thing "Coat of Arms" Boreta Remix (Alpha Pup Records)
14. - Schopwrekka "Nasty Ways" 
15. - Infectious Grooves "Violent and (Glitchy)Funky" MC2 Remix
16. - Ill Gates & Captain Hook "Open Your Eyes" Bassnectar Remix
17. - Habstrakt "Rough" Brown & Gamon Remix (Chateau Bruyant Records)
18. - Mord Fustang "A New World" (Noizea)
19. - Kira "Koan Sound" (Screwloose Records)
20. - Tambour Battant & Niveau Zero "Quicka" 
         Forthcoming on Chateau Bruyant Rec)
21. - Hatiras & Kongman Ft. Manners "Helicopter" Dubsidia Remix (Surfer Rosa Records)
22. - Bob Dylan "Knockin on Heaven's Door" Guns & Roses Cover 
        [MC2 Remix] - Free Download

And lastly of course we also have the free bit from MC2, Infectious Groove's "Violent and Funky" the MC2 Violent and Glitchy Remix and what a freebie it is! Funked out like a mofo, infectious as the flu and groovy as a 70's pair of Bell Bottom's, this one jams hard from start to finish, get some!

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