Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Video + Mix - Farace

Mr. Farace has been a madman in the studio already this year pumping out multiple massive remixes and originals and his take on Myagi's "Futurism" forthcoming on Pop & Lock Records is no exception. Never one to be satisfied with making just a huge choona, Farace has also put together an awesome video for "Futurism" as well and we have it for you below.

We also have Farace's new "Bang This" Mix here for you and the title is perfect because that's just what this mix is, straight banging from start to finish! Definitely my favorite mix from Farace to date, you get just under sixty minutes of foot stomping, speaker pounding, frenzy inducing bass music mixed to perfection by the F man on his S4 and Midi Fighters. If you want to check out a bit of Live footage of Farace in the mix on his rig, I've included a video of that as well, enjoy!

Farace Bang This Mix

01. - Felix Cartel & Keatch "Solar"
02. -  Porter Robinson "The Wildcat" Lazy Rich Remix
03. -  Sylvane "Get Down"
04. -  Dirtyloud Vs Felguk "Nudge"
05. -  Far Too Loud "Megaloud"
06. -  Karetus "The Future Is Now" Dj Kue Remix
07. -  XSonatix & Steeller "Kings Of Dance"
08. -  Adrian Lux "Teenage Crime" Stereotronique Remix
09. -  Farace "Get Up Jax"
10. -  Felguk "All Night Long" Darth & Vader Mix
11. -  Utku S. "Come Again"
12. -  Dallas K "Front/Back"
13. -  Fukkk Offf "Worldwide" Fukkk Offf Remix

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