Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Release - HGR003 - Feed The Granada

Hard Granada Records is back with another massive release for their fans. Featuring four wicked tunas from the likes of Sneaker & The Dryer, Sebastian Massianello & D.E.R. and label owner Botbass, this is one release that is way too good to pass up.

First up we have Sebastian Massianello & D.E.R. who turn out a denotative track in “X-plode”. If you like Progressive House with a big bouncy and Techy feel, you are gonna dig this one for sure. Massive leads and synths are properly balanced with a tough and grimey bassline to make “X-plode” main floor ready, big business!

Next up is Botbass blowing up your speakers in a big way with “I Like It” featuring amazing chords and speaker shattering low ends. The massive main breakdown will have hands in the air everywhere that this one is dropped and the tiny bit of vocal snips dripped throughout compliment the tough bassline perfectly, killer!

Next up is “Bout to Freak” from Sneaker & The Dryer which is a quirky groover blurring the lines between Electro House and broken beat, keeping things danceable and fun with a catchy hook that will easily get stuck in your head for days.

Finishing things off in a big way, S&D hit you with a vicious tuna that's more like a barracuda in "Give Up" which is pure Breakbeat through and through. Starting off with a funky break but quickly turning into a driving, heads down banger with big fills and just enough vox to keep things interesting, "Give Up" is going to give many a dancefloor a serious workout!!

   [HGR003] Feed the Granada - By S. Massianello, D.E.R., Botbass & S&D

Hard Granada Website - www.hardgranadarecords.com/

Hard Granada on Facebook - www.facebook.com/hardgranada

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