Monday, October 8, 2012

Synth Courses - 3 Major VST Online Lessons

Producertech's Synth Courses have been designed to teach you the inner workings of the most popular software instruments available today, in order to teach you how to skilfully edit patches as well as create your own from scratch, which is an essential part of music production.

The courses, which are delivered via streamed movies, thoroughly explain the key stages of synthesis and give numerous examples of patch creation throughout, to help put all of techniques taught into perspective.

In addition to the instrument presets and written notes that accompany the lessons, there are a host of extra patches or samples provided by Producertech's sponsor Loopmasters. Furthermore, students have direct access to tutors either via email or on the forum when help is required.

We have an intro video and a free online lesson from each course to give away, Producertech also have a 20% off code (XVPZU169) that is valid until end November!



Sylenth 1

Synth Courses -

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