Monday, October 1, 2012

50 Free Tracks - Chrizz Luvly

If you haven't heard about this yet you must have been living under a rock for the past month!!! Chrizz Luvly the amazing Brazilian producer hits us with over 50 free tunes, available for download with just one quick like of his Facebook fan page!!!

Not much is known about this world dominating producer, what we do know is from his music, and it seems he wants to keep it that way, having his music do the talking for him, and my sweet lord does it tell some far out story's!!!

There is no way you wouldn't want all of these fantastically crafted tunes which include some of his big bangers that almost every DJ plays out or has heard rocking a crowd!!! Too name a few of the plethora of free tunas he is giving away, we have, "Xxxperience", "Here We Go", "So Excited", "Born Again", and his newest tune "Demon"!!! 

Chrizz Luvly really knows how to push the envelope as he gives the world a massive amount of free tunes, and he makes it as easy as taking candy from a baby!!!!


Download Link -

Chrizz Luvly on Twitter -

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