Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Release - KIR287 - Direct Input - Night Walker

Just in time for everyone’s favorite creepy time of year, Direct Input is back on the scene for KIR287 with “Night Walker”!

Heavy on the eerie and banging right from the get go, Direct Input will send shivers down your spine with this Breakbeat/Electro crossover that keeps coming at you like one of the living dead!

Memory Machine starts off his remix with a good dose of Halloween howls and growls before hitting you smack upside the head with his funk stick. Super groovy and as catchy as the Zombie Virus, this one is sure to leave it’s mark!

Support From

Marcus Gauntlett - "Nice release, the Memory Machine remix is for me...really cool ;-)"

Fisso & Spark - "Awesome release! Will support!"

Kickflip - "Good stuff, liking the Memory Machine Remix!"

Home Alone - "Awesome! Loving the dark vibe on this one, especially the memory machine remix. Nice one!"

Pale Penguin - "Likin both original and MEMORY MACHINE remix...good stuff all around!!"

The Beatyard Blog - "Original without doubt! I love how the track doesn't try too much, subtle brilliance!"

TJFX - "Really nice fresh sound. Live the remix as well! So deep!"

Pete Rosewarne - "In love with the original, great stuff! Will definitely play out!"

Dimitris Kolios - "Nice and nasty. Love those chops all the way. Great release once again, will support!"

   OUT NOW!! - KIR287 - Direct Input - Night Walker by Kick It Recordings

Direct Input "Night Walker" on Juno - Night Walker

Direct Input "Night Walker" on Track It Down - Night Walker

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