Thursday, October 20, 2011

XXXPerience Festival, House Mag and Chrizz Luvly join for Social Responsibility Event

XXXPerience, the biggest Electronic Music Festival in Brazil is celebrating it's 15 year anniversary this year and they have teamed up with House Mag and Chrizz Luvly to raise funds for Sabapira philanthropic institution in Itu Brazil.

Chrizz Luvly has been rocking the charts with every tune he releases and his track "Amen" hit #2 overall on Beatport. He's back again with another festival rocker and it's the theme track for  the XXXPerience Festival. All proceeds made on Beatport from "XXXPerience" will go to Sabapira which shelters and assists a community in Itu, Sao Paulo Brazil.

Combining beautiful bells and massive leads to set the tone "XXXPerience" is a monster tune that will have hands in the air the world over and for a good cause at the same time! Insane bass that Chrizz is known for and original vocals push the energy straight into the epic main breakdown which closes out with a big vox stab before the low-ends snap you back into motion. Head on over to Beatport and do some good while getting your self a wicked tuna and make sure to check out Chrizz Live at the XXXPerience Festival!!

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