Thursday, October 6, 2011

Featured Artist - Gin Joints - Know The Ledge

Holy been a week Batman! Some times time flies faster than I can and before you know it's been seven days since the last blog post! Fear not, I've got lots of good stuff on tap for the coming days and we're kicking things back into gear with a super-duper dose of funk coming at you from the one like Gin Joints.

Hailing from Sweden, Gin Joints started DJing at the early age of only 11 years old thinking that it would get him girls. He was to soon learn that he was wrong but he found a love for music instead and it shows in his work.

After a few failed break in raves and fifteen years of making Hip-Hop with rappers like Planet Asia, Grand Agent. Movits! and Young Ivy, Gin Joints was introduced to 80's funk and there was no turning back. Diligently pushing his new found calling, none of the artists he was previously working with were digging his groove and he found himself writing his first bars on his cell phone. The following night he hunkered down with a microphone and worked out the vocals to what would soon become the title track for his debut solo 12 Inch, "Know the Ledge".

Consisting of three tracks of pure throwback business that are dripping retro flavor and jam packed with funkalicious grooves, Gin Joints has got a style all his own that puts a refreshing twist on electronic music.

Starting things off with my personal favorite of the bunch and the title track from the EP, we've got "Know the Ledge". Funkier than a pair of three month old gym socks, Gin Joints hits you with heavy lyrics and super sexy synths backed by vocoded vox and grooving guitars that will having you rocking out in no time.

Next up we've got "Done Wrong" which keeps the feel of the previous track and adds wicked synths and a bit of slap bass to get you moving. Not only is the tuna awesome but you've got to check out the Official Video for "Done Wrong" as well.  The video was filmed, edited and blown up Matias Ostling one light night in August for Emilia Ranea and is totally improvised. The only thing they actually had in the script was the exploding of actor Andre Aberg's head which adds a nice touch to the cheekiness. Not to mention that Andre had never heard the song before filming the video, clearly obvious by his horrendous lip-syncing which does improve a bit as things progress and adds to the satire perfectly.

Lastly for originals on the release is the laid back piece known as "On the Phone". Giving you another dose of vocoder and great drum work paired with a bout of 80's synths and strings, Gin Joints round things out in proper fashion.

Finishing of the EP is a Techy 4/4 remix of "Know the Ledge" from Neon Workout which gives the original more dancefloor appeal and should do very well in the charts. Check out Gin Joints and his label Discotheque ala Carte by following the links below and be on the lookout for lots more goodness forthcoming from this rising star.

   Teq04 Gin Joints - Know the ledge 12" by Discotheque ├íla Carte

Gin Joints "Know the Ledge" EP on Track It Down - Know The Ledge

Gin Joints on Facebook -

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