Monday, October 24, 2011

New Release- Broken Records - Nesono - Dirty Disco EP

Happy Monday everybody, I hope you all had a wicked weekend! We've had an awesome variety of stuff coming through on the blog as of late and we're keeping things interesting today with a bit of Kwaitostep coming at you from Nesono.

Hailing from the southern tip of Africa, Nesono is Broken Records' most wrong signing to date and is the mongrel child of veteran and well released producer; James Copeland of Cape Town. Four trips to the local 711, followed by a 3 day chocolate and biltong binge resulted in the invention of Kwaitostep. 

This New Wave style of Swahili Electrofilth is forged from the underground dance scene of ghettoland. Named after the Xhosa word for "sinful", it's all about the kind of asses you see on the streets of Cape Town. Skanky, hot, fat, nasty - all shapes, sizes and flavors thrown into the mix and distilled into an intoxicating blend of beats, bass and dirty rhythms.

James and his music are influenced by pantsulas, Taxi sound systems, shebeens, street corner dope dealers, contagious diseases, corrupt politicians, gumboot dancers, big asses, earthquakes and tinnitus.

"Dirty Disco", with it' grimey B-Side "Da Grank" (Nesono Vs Hednod) showcases James' superb production. They peel back the corrugated roof of the shantytown shebeens to reveal saw tooth synth lead lines and huge tight Electro style bass lines that are overlaid with a Breaksy feeling percussion section. Fusing elements of African Jazz and Duck Tekno with just the right amount of glitch thrown in to add some step.

   Dirty Disco by Nesono

   Nesono VS Hednod - Da Grank by Nesono

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