Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Free Tune, Mix & New EP - Charlie Kane - Bass Invaderz

What were you doing when you were fifteen? Most of us were trying to score a joint and cop some boob. Not Charlie Kane though, he's already bangin out massive club rippers. Not even old enough to drive here in the states, never mind in France, Charlie Kane is already receiving support from the likes of Orbitol, Stereo MCs, Crystal Method, Leroy Thornhill, Maelstrom and more, doesn't that make you wish you spent a bit more time making beats and a bit less time trying to get in some girls pants! Charlie Kane's new EP "Bass Invaderz" is due out tomorrow on Bleach Feast Records and it is definitely going to turn some heads and ears!

Fresh from his first remix alongside mentor Crystal Distortion, which had the likes of Laurent Garnier saying 'will hammer everywhere' and was spectacularly well received across the board, he is back with a scorching vengeance to ruff up your bass bins and pin you to the walls begging for mercy and his phone number. Growing up within the renegade dancefloor matrix of Spiral Tribe, he is bringing the sound of the hardcore to a whole new generation and unleashing everything he learned inside the eye of the Spiral onto this heaving EP. As he dances through styles like an alien laser through butter, the Prodigy need to start rethinking their name as Charlie Kane rips the mixes out of the shadows.
"Bass Invaderz" is a slice of absolutely gobsmacking up front bassline House mayhem, ripping a clinically indecent modular monstrosity out of the bag and slapping its uncut energy ruthlessly down on the deck, ready to blow an unsuspecting crowd to the planet's molten core and back.
 Piling on the Tech -Funk pressure with the gloriously banging frequency wizardry of Kaning It, the relentless, synthseised onslaught rampages clean through the frontiers of improbability as Mr Kane steps to and slaps you silly with raw, pulsating energy, cutting a hypnotic groove straight through your frontal cortex.
 Straight back onto the Tech-Funk tip with "Off the Grid", that rustles up searing, all embracing basslines and hurls them into the digital blender with a mesmerising journey through the edges of Techno while the dripping Electro wrongness of Pumping Down winds up into a writhing, scything orgy of pure controlled frenzy. Finally, label bosses Kech drop a controlled, minimal banger of a remix to top off this slamming release......Step to the Kane - he is gonna be HUGE

We've also got a wicked freebie from Kane up for grabs as well. Ticking the download box on one of his originals, "Did You Catch That" is a rough and wobbly banger with killer vocals and a driving yet groovy bassline. Airy pads round out the package with a touch of Psy while the chunky kicks bounce you along. Top stuff from such a young producer!

Charlie Kane - Did You Catch that (FREE DOWNLOAD) 320 by CharlieKane

Rounding out the package, Charlie Kane has also released his "Bass Invaderz" Promo Mix for your listening pleasure. Chock full of the Tech-Funk business, Kane whips together some of the freshest funk for you to get down to. Sixty minutes of pulsing beats shuffling hats and oscillating basslines to spice up your week.

Charlie Kane "Bass Invaderz" Promo Mix

1. Rektchordz "Lush"
2. Hedflux "Rhythm Prism"
3. Charlie Kane "Bass Invaderz"
4. Just Banks "Blockparty"
5. Atomic Hooligan "Is it Real
6. Atomic Hooligan "Is it Real" Kouncilhouse Remix
7. Hedflux "Non Stop"
8. Ben & Lex "Ruffnecks"
9. Snide "Cot Damn"
10. Kech "The Stone Cold Hustle" Crystal Kane Remix
11. Elite Force "The Law Of Life" Zodiac Cartel Mix
12. Bitrok "Push the Envelope"
13. The Loops Of Fury "Pump Up"
14. Disco of Doom "Sex Face"
15. Felix Luker "Mechanical" Rektchordz Remix
16. Noisia "Alpha Centauri" Elite Force Revamp

Charlie Kane - Bass Invaderz Promo Mix by CharlieKane

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