Thursday, February 24, 2011

Free Tune - Meat Katie "Bizarre is Beautiful" Home Alone Remix

Well well well, if it hasn't been a minute or two since I was last able to spend some time with my baby! February has been one heck of a month for me and I'm loving every minute of it. The addition of the raver flu after this past weekend's gigs hasn't exactly given me a boost either but what can you do! We're back at it with some free business today and we've got a new comer to the blog putting down the chunky bassline business. Home Alone is nominated for "Best New Producer" at this year's Breakspoll Awards and when you are turning out bangers like this one, it's no wonder why. Returning with his first Breaks single in a minute, Meat Katie dropped "Bizarre is Beautiful" about a month ago to a hungry fan base and they gobbled it up. One of the masterminds of Tech-Funk, Meat has also made the parts available for remixes if you fancy having a stab at the next dancefloor rocker on LOT49. They are not available for a competition or anything but if you whip up some serious business, they may just be apt to sign it!
 Taking the original for a complete 180, Home Alone puts both hands on the wheel and puts her in D while mashing the pedal to the floor. Thick kicks and tough snares bring an air of darkness to the piece while the creepy vox maintains the theme and melodic pads filter in as the energy continues to increase. Driving low ends push you along to the main breakdown which makes good use of the Insomnia-like leads. Check them both out below and grab the parts to the original while you are at it.

Meat Katie Bizarre Is Beautiful' Lot49- Out Now! by Meat Katie

Meat Katie - Bizarre Is Beautiful (Home Alone Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD by HomeAlone

Meat Katie 'Bizarre is Beautiful' Parts! by Meat Katie

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Home Alone on Facebook -

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